Solid State Engineering Laboratory (Tanaka Group)
data 2017/1/26,30
detail Practice for Master's thesis presentation

data 2017/1/12/,16,23
detail M2 Intermediate announcement

date 2016/12/26
speaker Koji ISHIDA (M2)

date 2016/12/22
speaker Kouhei KAWAI (M2)

date 2016/12/19
speaker Yuri FUKAYA (M2)

date 2016/12/15
speaker Yuansen XIONG (M2)

date 2016/12/8
speaker Toshiyuki FUKUMOTO (D1)

date 2016/12/1,5
speaker Kyrylo Snizhko (Weizmann Institute of Science)

date 2016/11/24
speaker Junji YUHARA (NAGOYA Univ. Graduate School of Science)

date 2016/11/21
title Paramagnetic Meissner effect of small topological superconductors
speaker Shu-Ichiro SUZUKI (Hokkaido University)

date 2016/11/16
title Anomalous Hall Effects in a Chiral Superfluids
speaker J.A.Sauls (Northwest University)

date 2016/11/14
speaker Ayami HATTORI (D1)

date 2016/11/10
speaker Tatsushi IMAEDA (D1)

date 2016/11/9
title Chiral p-wave superconductivity in proximity with a rough surface: DOS, edge current, impedance
speaker S.V.Bakurskiy (Moscow State University)

date 2016/10/31
speaker Hiromi EBISU (D2)

data 2016/10/17
title Stability of weyl points and chiral anomaly in Type-II weyl system and Majorana many-body system
speaker Masafumi UDAGAWA (Gakushuin University)

data 2016/10/13
speaker Cassio S. Amorim (D2)

data 2016/9/26
speaker Shun TAMURA (PD)

data 2016/9/10
detail Practice for JPS 2016 Autumn Meeting

date 2016/8/30
speaker Katsuhisa TAGUCHI (PD)

date 2016/8/1
speaker Bo Lu (PD)

date 2016/7/26
detail M2 Intermediate announcement

date 2016/7/11
speaker Rina TAZAI (NAGOYA Univ. Graduate School of Science)

date 2016/7/4
speaker Shingo KOBAYASHI (Designated Assistant Professor)

date 2016/6/28
speaker Ai YAMAKAGE (Designated Assistant Professor)

date 2016/6/21
speaker Kazue KUDO (Ochanomizu University)

date 2016/6/13
title Effect of Electron-electron Interaction 2D Dirac Fermion System
speaker Genki MATSUNO
(NAGOYA Univ. Graduate School of Science)

date 2016/6/6
speaker Keiji YADA (Assistant Professor)

date 2016/6/1
title Ising Superconductivity in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
speaker Kam Tuen Law
(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

date 2016/5/30
speaker Yuki KAWAGUCHI (Associate Professor)

date 2016/5/23
speaker Yukio TANAKA (Professor)

date 2016/5/9
title From an array of quantum wires to three-dimensional topological insulators
speaker Eran Sagi (Weizmann Institute of Science)

date 2016/4/18
title All electrical generation and control of odd-frequency
s-wave Cooper pairs in double quantum dots
speaker Pablo Burset (PD)

date 2016/4/12
title Dark Matter Problem and Axion
speaker Tatsuhiro NAKA(NAGOYA Univ. Graduate School of Science)

date 2016/4/4
detail Practice for Department of Applied Physics Graduate School M2 Intermediate announcement


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