Solid State Engineering Laboratory (Tanaka Group)     JP
Solid State Enginnering, Quantum Physics and Engineering, Department of Applied Physics,
Graduate School / School of Engineering, Nagoya University

 Our group is studying theory of condensed matter physics. In many body systems, several interesting quantum phenomena like magnetism and superconductivity emerge owing to spontaneous symmetry breaking. We have been studying about theory of superconductivity and have achieved many important results in superconducting junction and mechanism of superconductivity.
 In this decade, topological quantum phenomena becomes a hot topic stimulated by the discovery of quantum spin Hall effect. It is now a good time to explore physics of topological quantum phenomena. Our current research interest is topological superconductivity, topological insulator, topological crystalline insulator, Weyl semimetal, and exotic order in condensed matter.

Research Topics

・Superconducting Junctions(Tunnel effet, Josephson effect, Proximity effect)
・Topological Superconductors
・Cold atom
・Topological Insulators
・Symmetry of superconductivity
・Mechanism of Superconductivity
・Majorana Braiding Dynamics
・Atomic monolayers (Graphene, Silicene, Stanene)
・Dirac Semimetal, Weyl Semimetal



An article by Ayami Hattori(D2) et al. entitled "Edge states of hydrogen terminated monolayer materials: silicene, germanene and stanene ribbons" has been selected in Highlights of 2017 for Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter .

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